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Wedding ceremony is a very formal part of the wedding day, that provides a great spiritual connection of generations, union of the whole family and gives a great meaning to this old cultural tradition.

We understand wedding ceremony photography as a collection of fragile moments of charmingly trembling bride while she is getting ready for her greatest day, austere officiant at the sacrament moment of the ceremony, virile and genteel groom saying his words in front of the priest, parents with tears of joy in their eyes, the grace of exchanging the rings and the magic of the first kiss. We understand wedding ceremony as precious moments, that you would relive again and again, just flipping through the pages of your wedding photo album.

Our photographers are experienced in Civil Wedding ceremony, Roman Catholic Wedding ceremony, Protestant Wedding ceremony, Eastern Orthodox Wedding ceremony, Jewish Wedding ceremony, Mormons Wedding ceremony, Quakers Wedding ceremony, Islamic Wedding ceremony, Hindu and Sikh wedding ceremonies.

We need to combine our efforts to ensure that you will receive the best photographs of your wedding ceremony. Therefore, please discuss the following issues with your officiant or ceremony site manager and inform your photographer about following:

- Rules and Restrictions for your wedding ceremony site
- Permission to install flowers, candles and other decorations at the ceremony site
- Permission to have some photographs of the decorations taken at the site before the ceremony
- Length of the ceremony
- Permission for photography during your ceremony
- Permission to use flash-light for photographer
- Permission to have some photographs taken with officiant, bride and groom after wedding ceremony
- Permission to throw a rose petals/rice in front of the building

We want to provide you with the best wedding ceremony photographs. Therefore please ensure that photographer and videographer are informed about your wedding ceremony program and any special religious or other rituals you would like to have.

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