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Family and children
Family and children

Family and Kids Portrait is one of the most important and popular photo sessions provided by Alesia Belaya Photography. Weather you chose Family Portrait or Kids session, we promise to invest all our creativity, time, patience and understanding to make the best of it for you.

We strongly believe that the winning formula for perfect Family Portrait is friendly approach and relaxed atmosphere, whether it is in our studio or at your preferable location, such as your house, favourite park, beautiful seaside, or somewhere very special for you and your family. Our aim is to capture natural images in comfortable environment, make you relaxed in front of the camera, be yourself and express candid emotions to your beloved.

In order to provide the very best services for you, we tailor each session to your personal requirements. Family Portrait session starts with short consultation, where we have possibility to get to know you, to answer your questions and make you familiar and comfortable with shooting process. Share ideas about portrait session, the style you would prefer and together we’ll make a masterpiece out of your Family Portrait story!

We need to combine our efforts to ensure that you will receive the best photographs of your Family and Kids. Please follow some tips that would help us to make your photographs even better:

- Wear style that reflects your personality
- Use clothes you feel most comfortable with
- Wear clothes of the same shade for all family and avoid colour dissonance.
- Bring at least 2 outfits to have a change
- Bring your favourite accessories (jewellery, hats, scarves, ties, sunglasses, gloves, etc) to personalise your photographs.
- Bring toys and hobbies for your kids, to make them comfortable and look adorable
- Bring treats and accessories for your pets, to keep them co-operative and happy.

We would love to tailor your unique Family Portrait or Kids Photo session! Please feel free to get in touch by email or just call Alesia on +44 (0) 77 288 17986 to book your free consultation and Family and Children photoshoot.

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