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Professional Ethics
Professional Ethics

Ethical means different things to different people, and thereby we have to be very pragmatic about it, implementing as many of our good intentions as we can. Ethical wedding photography for us includes:

• Treat every customer with respect and dignity

• Provide personal service for each customer and give each wedding day care and attention it deserves.

• Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects to guarantee the best results.

• Minimize interference into wedding ceremony, reception and subjects. Do not intentionally alter or influence events.

• Endeavor to be inconspicuous and modest in dealing with subjects.

• Do not photograph subjects, refusing being photographed.

• Be creative and artistic to develop a unique vision and presentation of each event.

• Respect the integrity of the photographic moment and the event in whole.

• Use work practices and suppliers that are as ethical as possible

• Considering the importance green/environmental issues

• Continuously study your craft and develop your skills.

• Consider equality, respect, and general ethics in business and personal behaviour

If you are concerned about showing your photographs on the web, please discuss this contractual obligation and portfolio usage rights with us before signing the contact.

We love what we do, and are proud of our work. We are certain, that the wedding is the most important day of your life and we want to create perfect wedding photographs for you to cherish every single page of your captured Love-Story.

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